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Wednesday, December 7
Two-Thousand Years of Grinches - Ruth Graham, Slate
A Mormon Tabernacle's Pearl Harbor History - Peggy Fletcher Stack, SLT
Americans Say Assisted Suicide is Acceptable - Bob Smietana, LifeWay
What Does Christianity Say About the Afterlife? - Richard Ostling, Patheos
Scientists Investigate the Healing Potential of Faith - RealClearLife
Revisiting the Benedict Option - Patrick Gilger, America Magazine
Scorsese Meets "Disarming" Pope Francis - Bryan Alexander, USA Today
Vatican Launches Website for Preventing Abuse - Ines San Martin, Crux
Cardinal Cupich Shoulders Chicago's Future - Joshua McElwee, NCR
Trump May Not Get Notre Dame's Graduation Invite - David Gibson, RNS
Islam and Race After the Election - Ilyse R. Morgenstein Fuerst, R&P
The Future for "Interfaith" in a Divided Society - Michael Schulson, RD
Tuesday, December 6
Religious Leaders Celebrate DAPL Denial - Emily McFarlan Miller, RNS
Churches React to the Opioid Epidemic - Heather Adams, MassLive
Politics and Ethics of "The Common Good" - Oliver O'Donovan, ABC R&E
Infallibility and Heresy - Martin E. Marty, Sightings
USCCB Leaders Seek Prayers for Refugees on Guadalupe Feast - CNS
Breaking Up With Your Church Over Politics - Clare Ansberry, WSJ
That "Advance God's Kingdom" Scoop - Bobby Ross Jr., GetReligion
Fearful, American Muslims and Jews Join Hands - Laurie Goodstein, NYT
Was Alexander Hamilton Jewish? - Morton Landowne, Tablet
Are Jews White? - Emma Green, The Atlantic
There's a New Orthodox Church Next to the Eiffel Tower - The Economist
Words Are Not Enough - Carl Anderson & Most Rev. Bashar Warda, The Hill
Monday, December 5
The Dakota Access Pipeline Is About Religion - Sarah Pulliam Bailey, WaPo
Congregation Stands Tall After Fire Destroys Church - Holly Meyer, KNS
At Liberty, Sins Forgiven on the Altar of Football - Michael Powell, NYT
Trump Proves Religion Still Powerful Force in U.S. - Brian Grim, WEF
Religious Freedom and the Defense Spending Bill - Kelsey Dallas, Deseret
How Muslims Defined American "Cool" - Emma Green, The Atlantic
US-Born Rabbi Challenges Israel's Establishment - Michele Chabin, RNS
Priest and Imam From Amazon Ad Are Now Actual Friends - Relevant
British Government Affirms Christmas at Work - Kate Shellnutt, CT
Vatican Weighs in on Power of Artificial Intelligence - Elise Harris, CNA
Clarity On "Amoris" Remains Elusive - John L. Allen Jr., Crux
Video: Religion, Art, and Cultural Heritage - CBS News
Saturday, December 3
Nun Fashion Is More Fascinating Than You Realize - Liz Stinson, Wired
Stephen Hawking Is on a Pontifical Academy - Andrea Gagliarducci, CNA
After 70 Years, Catholic's Still a Wonderful Life - Terry Mattingly, MP
Advent, Not Just Another Christmas Countdown - Emily Miller, Deseret
Video: Christmas Music Tells the Story - Kim Lawton, R&E NewsWeekly
The New Mormon #LighttheWorld Campaign - Jana Riess, RNS
Cross Takes Its Place at the World Trade Center - David W. Dunlap, NYT
Hotels Are Ditching Nightstand Bibles - Leslie Josephs, Quartz
The Bible vs. the Declaration of Independence - Andrew Wilson, CT
Can a Christian School Be Both Ethical and Athletic? - Julie Zauzmer, WP
The Coming War on "Radical Islam" - Uri Friedman, The Atlantic
Despite Castro, Religion Shapes Cuba - Michelle Maldonado, RCReligion
Friday, December 2
The Culture Wars Are Fought on Reality TV - Kate Shellnutt, WaPo
The End of Catholic Marriage - Ross Douthat, New York Times
Choosing to Be Married at a Faraway Sacred Site - Kelsey Dallas, Deseret
New Scholarship Coming to Mormon Lessons - Peggy Fletcher Stack, SLT
Wildfires Yield Haunting Bible Passage - Terry Mattingly, GetReligion
Why Jews Are Defending Mosques in America - Jessica Mendoza, CSM
The Klan Never Ends - Kelly J. Baker, Killing the Buddha
CCCU Tries to Thread the Needle - Kathryn Lee, Sightings
Faith Leads Texas GOP Elector to Resign - Lauren Markoe, RNS
Why White Evangelicals Are Feeling Hopeful - Emma Green, The Atlantic
Evangelical Christianity and the Colombian Conflict - Sarah Zylstra, CT
War as Culture War - Rod Dreher, The American Conservative
Thursday, December 1
Advent, Explained - Alissa Wilkinson, Vox
The Economic Impact of Historic Congregations - Kelsey Dallas, Deseret
Company Gives Churches Free Websites - Adelle M. Banks, RNS
Tom Brady, Sociologist of Religion - Emma Green, The Atlantic
Bob Dylan's Mixed Relationship With Religion - Chloe Sharples, OnFaith
Turning Interfaith Conflict Into Trust - David Bornstein, New York Times
Religious Identity's Role in the Election - Harry Farley, Christian Today
Trump Advisers: The Faith Factor - Emily Miller & Kimberly Winston, SLT
Electing Trump: A Prosperity Gospel Triumph - Michael Schulson, WaPo
Why Two Tombs Compete for Jesus' Burial - Gordon Govier, CT
Ireland's First Papal Visit Since 1979 - Henry McDonald, The Guardian
Martin Scorsese Meets Pope Francis - Zac Davis, America Magazine
Wednesday, November 30
When Is It Appropriate to Play Christmas Music? - Jacob Lupfer, Patheos
Don't Cancel Christmas on Behalf of Muslims - Remona Aly, The Guardian
Alternative Charity Christmas Cards Show War-Torn Middle East - BBC
Catholic Lessons in the Vatican's Nativity Scene - John L. Allen Jr., Crux
Controversial Communion Questions Answered - Antonio Spadaro, CNN
Iconography Classes Draw Non-Orthodox - Adelle M. Banks, RNS
Mormons' Brains Light Up When They Feel the Spirit - Alex Stuckey, SLT
The Future of Religious Colleges in the U.S. - Michael Bayer, WaPo
Recalibrating the Culture War in 2016 - Darrell Bock, First Things
Evangelicalism of Old White Men - Tony Campolo & Shane Claiborne, NYT
Religious Liberty Cases Inside Prison Walls - Terry Mattingly, On Religion
Japanese Internment and Today's America - Emma Green, The Atlantic
Tuesday, November 29
Christian Charities That Use Your Money Wisely - Steve Rabey, RNS
America's Declining Faith in Pastors and Churches - Joel J. Miller, AF
The Religious Angles in Castro's Death - Jim Davis, GetReligion
Video: What Is Advent? - Catholic Online
Womb or Tomb: Shakespeare's Sonnets - Peter J. Leithart, First Things
American Evangelical Self-Preservation - Ed Cyzewski, Christian Today
Standing Rock and Christian Ties With Native Americans - Economist
Why Muslim Voters Don't Show Up in Exit Polls - Lauren Markoe, Deseret
Chabad Now Has a Rabbi in All 50 States - Julie Zauzmer, Washington Post
Religions Dead and Living - Philip Jenkins, Patheos
Putin Imperils Religious Freedom - Clifford May & John Ruskay, USA Today
Something's Stirring on Anti-Christian Persecution - John Allen Jr., Crux
Monday, November 28
How Fidel's Faith Remained a Mystery to the End - Austen Ivereigh, Crux
The Biggest Myths About the First Christians - Candida Moss, Daily Beast
Why Teens Leave the Faith - Kelsey Dallas, Deseret News
The State of the American Church - Richard Ostling, GetReligion
A Pastor Makes His Life Among Refugees - Julie Zauzmer, Washington Post
A "Muslim Registry" Is Inconceivable - Matt Hadro, Catholic News Agency
Evangelicals Grade Trump, Republicans, the Media - Kate Shellnutt, CT
After Trump Rift at Liberty, Students Find Unity - Sarah Rankin, AP
The Election's Relatively Normal "Pew Gap" - Terry Mattingly, On Religion
Near Mormon Temple, Another Kind of Sanctuary - Jennifer Dobner, SLT
The Rallying Cry of Native American Spirituality - Emily Miller, RNS
The Nun Harnessing Twitter to Reach the Masses - Sam Jones, Guardian

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