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Friday, April 15
Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen? - Josh Hayes
The Stones, Not the Cathedrals - Rick Marschall
Your Brain on Prayer - Jim McDermott
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Thursday, April 14
How Do You Know They Are Christian? - Michael Williams
Rethinking the Offering Plate - Donna Schaper
Saved By Education - John Cuddeback
Wednesday, April 13
When the Apostles Went With Another Candidate - Tessa McBrayer
Tyranny of Self Righteousness - Donald Haynes
What Is Spiritual Direction? - Jill Johnson
Tuesday, April 12
Why Christians Have to Talk About Hell - Russell Moore
Myth of Many Mansions - Meghan Larissa Good
What Is Spiritual Blindness? - Jack Wellman
Monday, April 11
Post-Christianity's Brave New World - Rick Marschall
Why Your Prayers Aren't Working - Tyler Speegle
What Is a Bible Commentary? - Jack Wellman
Friday, April 8
Should We Miss Church Graveyards? - Russell Moore
A Life Dedicated to Others - Jewels Green
Proof of Heaven? - Matt Smethurst
Thursday, April 7
How I Recovered From My Evangelical Childhood - Josiah Hesse
Trump and the Golden Calf - Rebekah Simon-Peter
Learning to Wait - John Cuddeback
Wednesday, April 6
The Church of Invisible Diseases - Jeremiah Johnston
Why Porn Kills Sex - Russell Moore
The Call of Ananias - Diane Roth
Tuesday, April 5
Should Christians Observe Jewish Holidays? - Michael Williams
The Good Samaritan in the Era of Refugees - Jesse Carey
Going Back to Synagogue - Candy Schulman

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